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RU Seminar SS 2021 - Overview



Date Time Speaker Institution Title
21.04.2021 4:00 PM Suvendu Mandal University of Freiburg Persistent correlations in colloidal suspension
28.04.2021 4:00 PM Benjamin Lickert University of Freiburg Data-driven Langevin modeling of nonequilibrium processes
05.05.2021 4:00 PM Matthias Post University of Freiburg Deviations from Stokes friction in MD pulling simulations of simple and complex fluids
19.05.2021 4:00 PM Sebastian Milster University of Freiburg Nonlinear response and feedback in driven penetrant transport through responsive polymer membranes
02.06.2021 4:00 PM Jan Grießer University of Freiburg Vibrational lifetimes and viscoelastic dissipation in ultrastable glasses
09.06.2021 4:00 PM Samuel Rudge University of Freiburg Fluctuation statistics in a quantum dot spin-valve
23.06.2021 4:00 PM Michael Bley University of Freiburg Controlling the solvent quality by time: Enhanced size scaling through directed/persistent polymer chain growth
07.07.2021 4:00 PM Peter Sollich University of Göttingen Coarse-graining biology: subnetwork dynamics in protein interaction and gene regulation networks
14.07.2021 4:00 PM Mike Castellano University of Freiburg Hopping conduction through biopolymers
21.07.2021 4:00 PM Andrea Codrignani University of Freiburg / IWM Validity of continuum lubrication equations in the nanoscale