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Welcome to our Research Unit

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Nonequilibrium processes are ubiquitous in basic research as well as technological applications. Nevertheless, the vast majority of theoretical modeling and simulation of complex systems is based on the assumption of thermodynamic equilibrium. The aim of the research unit (RU) is to develop a systematic approach to modeling dynamics and dissipation in complex systems that are far from equilibrium. To this end, the RU brings together an interdisciplinary consortium of researchers from physics, chemistry, materials science, and engineering with longstanding expertise in the field of classical and quantum nonequilibrium physics, ranging from nanostructures and polymers to biomolecules and materials. Employing a broad spectrum of dynamical methods from fully quantum mechanical approaches to classical simulations, the RU will consider nonequilibrium phenomena in a variety of systems, ranging from transport processes in nanostructures and biomolecules as well as various types of friction and other dissipative processes. The overarching goal of the RU is to develop efficient and accurate theories, models and computational methods that employ a reduced description to treat nonequilibrium processes in complex systems.
Spokesperson: Prof. Dr. Gerhard Stock
Deputy Spokesperson: Prof. Dr. Michael Thoss
Coordination: Simone Ortolf