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Signal transfer in proteins across multiple time scales

A team of researchers lead by Dr. Steffen Wolf and Prof. Dr. Gerhard Stock from our project P7 and Prof. Dr. Thorsten Hugel of the Institute of Physical Chemistry, have discovered a hierarchy of dynamics involved in allosteric information transfer within in the pharmacologically important chaperone heat shock protein 90. Combining extensive nonequilibrium simulations with single molecule FRET measurements allowed them to monitor the time course and structural changes upon hydrolysis of an energy-carrying ATP molecule through the protein to the chaperone’s active site. Their common work is published now in Chemical Science: 
Hierarchical dynamics in allostery following ATP hydrolysis monitored by single molecule FRET measurements and MD simulations
S. Wolf, B. Sohmen, B. Hellenkamp, J. Thurn, G. Stock and T. Hugel
Chem. Sci. (2021)
See as well the press release by the University of Freiburg: